International praise for Dundas West

International praise for Dundas West

International praise for Dundas West

Dundas West Open Air Museum featured prominently today in “El Mercurio”, one of Chile’s widest read newspapers. See the full report here:


This mural by @inti.artist celebrates the presence of the Latin American community since the 1970’s.”Visions of Latin America in Toronto, education through community arts and cultural exchange: NATIONS” mural project honors the vibrant diaspora of southern and indigenous cultures that have contributed to the arts and education in our community on Turtle Island, specifically in this city.

1688 Dundas St. W

With much love and great fanfare, the Little Portugal Toronto Barcelos Rooster was unveiled at Lakeview Park, on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

A VIP event was held at 1200 Dundas St. W. where honoured dignitaries Mayor John Tory, Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão, José Manuel Carneiro Mendes, Consul General of Portugal in Toronto, Vitor Santos, President of The Barcelos Migrant Association, the Honorable Ahmed Hussen, MP – York South-Weston and our own BIA Chair, AnaBela Taborda, brought greetings.

1335 Dundas St. W

Bordalo II’s “Eastern Cotton Tail” installation in Dundas St W, Toronto, stands as a powerful reminder of art’s potential to address pressing environmental issues. Through his creative genius, the artist transforms discarded materials into captivating sculptures that challenge our perception of waste and beauty. As visitors admire the intricate details of the Eastern Cotton Tail, they are also encouraged to reflect on their own role in creating a sustainable future. This installation not only embellishes Toronto’s artistic landscape but also leaves an indelible mark on our collective consciousness, urging us to tread more lightly on the Earth and embrace the transformative power of art.