1665 Dundas St W
Violeta's Guardian
Artwork Information
  • Title: Violeta’s Guardian
  • Creation date: 2017
  • Address: 1665 Dundas St W
  • Artists: Clandestinos Crew

Clandestinos Crew

Clandestinos is the Toronto-based husband-and-wife-team Shalak Attack (Elisa Monreal) and Bruno Smoky (Bruno Revitte).

Smoky got his start as a graffiti artist in 2004, painting walls in the Brasilândia district of São Paulo. Shalak is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist who graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in studio arts, and also studied fine art  at the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juarez of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Both have worked with various youth groups and NGOs to engage at-risk youth in the arts. Clandestinos has taken part in mural festivals in Sweden, Chile, Germany, Manitoba and ArtBasel in Miami.