1653 Dundas St W
Roots of hope

This series of murals along Dundas Street West created as part of a cultural exchange celebrates the relationship between Canada and Chile and, in particular the cities of Toronto and Valparaiso during 2018.

Artwork Information
  • Title: Roots of Hope
  • Creation date: 2018
  • Address: 1653 Dundas St W
  • Artists: Giovanni Zamora


Giovanni Zamora

Giovanni Zamora is a Chilean painter and muralist born in Viña del Mar in 1990. His primary mediums are oil and dry pastel and he specializes in portraiture.

Zamora demonstrated artistic skill and interest from a young age, but it was not until he had completed his university studies that he decided to develop a career as a visual artist. While he often works in a realistic style, his murals works also sometimes incorporate powerfully abstracted elements. He led student protests in Chile from 2011 to 2013, and his political concerns are often present in his work.

Giovanni Zamora

Igreja Novas de Alegria - The City Church InternationalThis artwork is proudly hosted by Igreja Novas de Alegria – The City Church International1653 Dundas St  West.

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