1533 Dundas St W
City of Music

This series of murals along Dundas Street West created as part of a cultural exchange celebrates the relationship between Canada and Chile and in particular the cities of Toronto and Valparaiso during 2018.

Artwork Information
  • Title: City of Music
  • Creation date: June 2018
  • Address: 1533 Dundas St. West
  • Artists: Jieun June Kim, Pablo West and Giovanni Zamora


Jieun June Kim with Pablo West & Giovanni Zamora

Born in Seoul, Korea, Jieun June Kim is a painter and muralist who lives and works in Toronto. Her work spans both traditional and digital painting and incorporates architectural motifs reflecting the cityscape. Kim has exhibited her work at numerous art galleries in North America and South Korea. Since moving to Canada in 2016, her works has been shown at multiple art galleries in Toronto.


Jieun June Kim

This artwork is proudly hosted by Dr. A. J. Del Core Dental Surgeon, 1533 Dundas St. West.

Hosts ensure a long life to the artworks by acting as their custodians. If you would like to know more about the Dundas West Open Air Museum hosts program then please contact us at hosts@dundaswest.museum.